About & Accolades

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Student.

I have found myself caught between two artistic mediums of both fashion and olfactory delights and only recently discovered my major interest in the latter medium.

As someone who appreciates many forms of art regardless of mode or style, I am often perplexed by the notion that not many [more] people enjoy the sensuous delights of fragrances, nor consider it an ‘artform’. The ubiquity of fragrance is a fait accompli, however the unique nature of select fragrances are often under appreciated or merely diverged from as a result of apathy, understatement and hesitation. Hence, the obvious thing to do was to create my own blog offering my personal view upon fragrances; in the beautiful, unadulterated and linguistically-rich form it deserves.

I intend to avoid using fragrances websites or previous reviews as a source of inspiration and only utilising such for fragrance notes and compositions. What happens in the juncture where the brain detects the smell and the memory is thus created is what will be heavily stylised and based upon in my writing: of course I will also make a note of what I smell too, as it is naturally expected. The nose as a sense is untrained, and I for one can admit that my nose is still untrained, however, the use of words and adjective-based language serves only to make the process easier and instrumentally, convivial, congenial and fun- All within the imperative realm of appreciation.

Outside of the fragrance world and when I’m not out and about, I read and write meticulously and work diligently. My taste in music is weird; I like new food; I collect ties; I don’t have a favourite colour but I like grey and periwinkle; One day I will own a Tom Ford suit. It will look amazing; Atychiphobia is serious; My first fragrance I remember is Calvin Klein’s Obsession; I enjoy polishing shoes because it is a repetitive process where my mind can go places; My handwriting is atrocious; And I think my vocabulary is refined and sometimes come off as a little ostentatious. But that’s ok. I’m a gentleman; usually.

To judge a perfume is, above all else, a matter of taste. Taste evolves under the influence of the environment, but this fact must not prohibit judging the environment. Taste evolves chiefly with the acquisition of learning, with the knowledge of facts and of aesthetic accomplishments, which makes it possible to analyze them and to provoke instructive comparisons. It is thus that each of us can progress along the road of beauty and of art. To deny the usefulness of this training would be like refusing to admit that a symphony is better appreciated after one has studied music – Edmond Roudnitska


Olfactics. 9th of August 2014.

From Chistopher Chong's Instagram. He is a gentleman.

From Chistopher Chong’s Instagram. He is a gentleman.



Meeting Chandler Burr

Meeting Chandler Burr. An absolute pleasure.

10881513_393514307474429_1287235280483064755_n 10520791_399840273508499_3143956544721456434_n

From Monsieur Guerlain's Facebook page

From Monsieur Guerlain’s Facebook page

From Monsieur Guerlain's Facebook page

From Monsieur Guerlain’s Facebook page

M. Guerlain Hyper-Natural

Andy Tauer on L'Air du Desert Marocain

Andy Tauer on L’Air du Desert Marocain

Meeting Michael Edwards 2015

Meeting Michael Edwards 2015

Article: http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/the-wait-is-over-for-tens-of-thousands-of-vce-students-20151213-glmiu0.html

19 thoughts on “About & Accolades

  1. Liam this is so fantastic. I will forward this to all my colleagues you love for all things refined and exquisite reminds me why i love what i do….Yes all hail King Jean- Claude Ellena. Look forward to serving you again with pleasure

    • Hello Caroline! Thank you so much for subscribing – I’m very happy the interests are mutually shared. You were right – Italian Cypress is MY kind of fragrance – now I’m torn between Oud Wood and Italian Cypress as favorite suit scent! Oh no! Glad I own both!!!

      You’ll be seeing me soon – I need a cologne for the approaching summer and from what I’ve read Costa Azzura sounds very unique to the typical cologne (driftwood in the notes!)…Unless you see me purchasing either Tuscan Leather or Noir De Noir sooner!

      Thanks again, humbly yours,


      • Hi Liam
        I have just registered with blog
        We actually work in vanuatu and steam distill sandalwood oil
        Santalum austracalidonicum
        Have a look at our FB page and web site pacific Provender
        Send me an email as I do codistillations where I will form a unique essential oil by combining my botanicals in my distillation vessel and distilling oils out as one
        It’s much different perfumery method than having your individual oils and blending
        The distillation process I feel locks the chemical bonds together much better

        Talk soon
        Jeff allen

    • Hi ‘Polly’! The pleasure is mutual. It’s great to finally meet other like minded individuals in this creative sphere. I have subbed to your blog and look forward to all future posts. Thank you for sharing the day with me Friday and thank you for finding my blog – let me ‘figuratively’ take your coat whilst you skim through my blog posts/reviews. Have fun and importantly keep smelling!

      Have a fragrant day! Keep in touch,


  2. This is exquisite! Very inspiring and insightful. We should get in touch, I would like to meet you as I’m sure I would appreciate your company

  3. Hi Liamsardea!

    I am into perfumes lately and frequent Fragrantica all the time to learn more about them. I fancy Amouage Dia Homme and I saw your review on the website, which I thought is completely spot-in with what I feel about the perfume. Personally, I can’t really describe it in better words than you.

    I just have two questions:
    1) Have you tried Dior Homme before (including Intense and Parfum)? I’m a huge fan of the latter two but I would love to see you review them if you’ve tried them.
    2) I have a friend who’s also into niche perfumes in Melbourne right now. He’s wondering where to find places that have them. Do you have any suggestions?

    Thanks, and keep on writing those reviews!

    Nazrul from Singapore

    • Hi Nazrul. Thanks for getting into contact with me and your kind words of course.

      I have tried all of the Dior Homme fragrances before, yet I don’t own a full bottle of any! At best I have a vial of the Intense and the Parfum version of Dior Homme somewhere. Dior Homme Intense is by far my favourite – it’s powdery cocoa notes are rather pleasant. I will eventually write a review for you, and I will take your message as a prompt to properly draft one for a full review. Despite this, my blog’s facebook page as a mini-review. Here it is: http://goo.gl/p7OdAt .

      Your friend is in a lucky position. Melbourne is awesome! I will recommend two places to start, however feel free to ask more questions. The first is Mecca Cosmetic on Bourke Street in the city. Here you can find Le Labo, Lutens, Frederic Malle, Comme Des Garcons, Byredo… Many more. A wonderful place! The other place is Peony in Hawthorn, however the owner at this current time is in Europe, so the store may be closed. The owner, Jill, carries Mona Di Orio, James Heeley, Creed, Amouage, ELDO… etc. True niche and lots of rare goodies.

      I hope I was able to help you out. Do not refrain from following the blog or myself on various social media either! I am here to serve, fragrantly.


      • Hi Liam. Thanks for the prompt reply!

        I feel so honoured to get a review from you. Really looking forward to reading it once it’s done! Also quite a coincidence that my friend just mentioned a few hours ago that he’s interested in dropping by Mecca Cosmetic in particular.

        Thanks again; you’ve helped my friend and I, indeed!

  4. Mr. Sardea,

    Consider me a fan. Also, we MUST talk ties. They’re kind of my thang. I possibly need help.

    Brendan Tollit

    • Hi Jackson.
      Thanks for contacting me.
      I have indeed encountered Escentric Molecules. They are an interesting brand that does what they set out to do, if that makes sense. Molecule 01, consisting of the one molecule ‘ISO-E Super’ is a scent, not a perfume. But – that is no reason not to wear it! Some like the principle of simplicity and laconic styling. But, here’s the thing: Hermes’ Poivre Samarcande has more than 50% ISO-E in its structure too; and unlike Molecule 01, it maintains an oratory function. It is a literary device captured through scent.

      I like to think of 01 as the perfect layering device, as well as the other scents in the lineup: I appreciate as scents, not perfumes. It’s for those who want to smell good, but not smell themselves. There’s a lot to say about the brand, its a very nichey idea, and I have no doubt that it sells well – I have been informed that it has.


      • Thanks Liam, very informative as always. I had read about the Molecules and was super keen to check it out. I love the notion that a scent can adapt to its wearer. Anyway, I was shopping with a friend the other day, she sprayed something on her wrist, asked my opinion, and my complete review read “Chalky nothingness,” even as the afternoon progressed. She later told me the name of the mysterious substance, and of course I was shocked, given the coincidence and that I had high hopes for the Eccentric Molecules. So, the search continues I guess. Will have to check out the Hermes fragrance you mentioned.

        Thanks again.


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