Rating System

Olfactics uses two rating systems, one subjective rating and one objective rating. These exist after coming to the conclusion that reviews can lie – it is impossible to love every fragrance note, and thus an innate bias comes into consideration when reviewing and thus must be immediately remedied. To combat this, two ratings rather than the standard one makes the reviews more transparent, ultimately more truthful in nature, and finally, adeptly displays logical reasoning and consideration.

Objective rating: This standard looks at fragrance in a purely analytical style, akin to a researcher or a judge. The rating is influenced by the physical qualities and its straightforward projection; this rating reflects what this fragrance sets out to do, and how well it performs that function. Factors such as: novel appeal, intellectual nature, the story-telling effect and creativity are considered.

Subjective rating: Consider it all to be arbitrary – It’s all personal opinion. This standard focuses on how much I, the reviewer, enjoys the fragrance in question. It considers aspects that are more lenient towards a somewhat biased review. It reflects what the fragrance does for the reviewer – for example: emotional effect, notes and composition, longevity, and sillage.

1/5 – Not for me. Can’t enjoy it.

2/5 – Almost decent! Nothing mind-blowing.

3/5 – Decent. I can enjoy this and wear it.

4/5 – Very well done. Impressive.

5/5 – Masterpiece. Obligatory.

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