Aventus by Creed

Creed’s Aventus is a temple for all fragrance pilgrims to visit.

Aventus by Creed photo by Liam Sardea

© 2014 Liam Sardea

What’s to say about Aventus that hasn’t already been said? Honouring the traits of the great Napoléon Bonaparte – ‘a powerhouse of dynamism’ and a commanding figure encompassing strength, power, vision and success – Aventus is described as ‘royal but never imposing’ just like the man himself. One of the most popular releases from Creed, virtually out of nowhere Aventus achieved staggering success, thus allowing the company to create a standalone boutique in New York and since then has slowly broadened their reach.

My experience with Aventus lasted a whole year before biting the bullet and considering this fragrance full-bottle worthy. For me, Aventus was never something that necessarily blew me away at the get go. In the middle of a Melbourne winter with dark roasted coffee in the air, the urban ozonic ‘funk’ of the metropolitan and in certain areas wafts of cigarette smoke – Aventus seems entirely inappropriate for cold occasions, hence was forgotten quickly. In contrast, I was also in the process of sampling Creed’s Tabarome – a true winter warmer! Spicy ginger and tobacco mingle in heavenly proportions to create a bold and endearing fragrance. Therefore, Creed’s Aventus was dismissed until a scorching summer had arrived.

A 5ml decant of Aventus served me well last summer and surprisingly lasted a long time, as I was (and arguably still am) on a cologne-centric journey of citruses and decadent splashing. The opening hits you like a neon sign of sweet and sour fruit – perfect for an Australian summer. Never cloying, never sickly. Summer came and went in a flash and my decant ran dry, yet my internal memory of the addictive and compulsive fragrance had plagued me hitherto.

The composition of Aventus is a traceable recount of Napoléon’s heroic lifestyle and his rise to power – and indeed he had fragrant life. Blackcurrant from Corsica – the birthplace of Bonaparte, famous Italian bergamot, Calville Blanc apples from France, Pineapple, Birch – the material of his crown, and last but not least Ambergris, symbolising the naval reach of Napoléon’s army.

Creed hit the nail on the head with this one, and presents a profound fragrant journey like no other. Like the great Eau Sauvage, Mitsouko, Shalimar or even Terre D’Hermes – Aventus surely belongs, or at least ought to belong in the category of fragrances proving to be ‘movers and shakers’. Of course, Aventus has a very modern appeal and very brazen approach in terms of smell. It is an undeniable compliment getter with an air of class.

Our neon fruit cocktail is an opening of crisp, sweet and sour fruits including pineapple and red apple peppered with blackcurrant, juicy bergamot and smoke hiding in the background. Giving an almost melon-like impression, the sweetness and the sourness with underlying smoke at the beginning reminds me of the scent of cut plywood. Musty yet slightly sour. The freshness is like cloudy apple juice squeezed from apples from the Farmer’s market mixed with the tantalising syrup scent of canned pineapple and grilled pineapple – hot with a hint of smoke and char.

Aventus dries down to a smokier yet still sweet mixture of pineapple, birch and patchouli creating an accord almost retro in nature, yet the eternal sweetness avoids imposition. A floral accord, which I detect is lavish rose and sensible jasmine give a sense of elegance where it otherwise may have been lost; almost watery, the sensuous rose is like watercolour – dilute and fresh, austerity through balance. However, what is almost overlooked is the use of French vanilla imparting a new level of sweetness. Totally not sweet in the same manner the fruit is, the use of vanilla bean and the luxurious seeds are not only opulent, but somewhat regal. A brooding quality in the blend, the vanilla with its tart sweetness serves as a bridge for smoke and musk to mingle with saccharine characteristics. It’s never guns blazing, but still a refined reminder that this juice is some good shit.

Due to the notes in the blend, and the rates of volatility of each note, Aventus in the end still maintains just a touch of its sweetness, with a muskiness and an element of cleanliness that is suggestive of a high quality bar of soap; and in particular the floral musk of Imperial Lather ivory soap bars. Try it for yourself, I implore you.

The final transition of notes feature ambergris and oakmoss. Ambergris is used well here as the salt and musk qualities is like some of the top and heart notes; creating the illusion of same. Light oakmoss works wonderfully with the smoke giving creaminess.

Creed’s Aventus is a bright day at dusk. Sweet orange, purple and yellow swirls in the sky eventually turn into a tart blue and finally an inevitable midnight black. It’s a sunny bout between florals and tropicana against musk, spice and woods.

Thick, rich and manly like no other. The king of the creeds.

Subjective rating : 4/5

Objective rating: 3/5

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